Interactive and Comprehensive Academic Curriculum

Focus on Hands-On Learning and Individualized Support

Small Class Size with Accredited Teacher

Language Arts

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, language usage

and development

Scientific Inquiry

Physical sciences, life sciences, earth sciences, investigation, experimentation, environmental studies


Operations, algebraic thinking, geometric concepts, number systems, measurement

World Studies

History, human studies, culture, diversity,

globalism, citizenship


Maps, bodies of water, topography, mountain regions

Character Education


Enrichment Programs


Academic Curriculum

Character Education

Active Listening

Managing Emotions

Mindfulness Concepts

Team Building

Conflict Resolution Skills

Enrichment Programs

Foreign Language Studies

Physical Education

Creative Arts

Computer Technology


Our Program:

 A Well Balanced Path

to Learning

3 Key Components

of Education

-Academic Curriculum-

-Character Education-

-Enrichment Programs-