** Extended Age Cut Off Date **

Enrollment is open to all children who will turn 5 years old by October 15th

4 Steps to Your Child's Future!

* Schedule an Admission Interview *

At your Admission Interview, you will have a unique    opportunity to tour our classroom, view our curriculum, meet the teachers and administrators, and learn about what Anidem Academy will offer to your child.

* Participate in an Entrance Assessment *

Each child will have the opportunity to meet us and get their own personal tour of the classroom.  They will speak with us and complete their enrollment screening to ensure they are ready to participate in our Kindergarten program.

* Receive an Acceptance Letter *

After acceptance, your next step is to complete the required paperwork and complete your child's registration during an enrollment conference. 

* Attend Program Orientation *

Program Orientation will be held the last week in August and offer families a curriculum presentation, opportunity to meet other parents, and details about the school year.t